Nara Tour

Your stuffed animal must arrive by March 7th,  2019.

– Will be spending 3 nights in Nara.
– We will be taking bullet trains or shinkansen.

– Things we are planning to do:
Asuka Village: Strawberry picking, Asuka Great Buddha, Oka temple, Asuka stew, Staying at an old folk house
Takatori Town: Takatori Castle Ruin, Monkey stone, Tsubosaka Temple, Tosa Highway, etc.,
Kashihara City: Imaicho town, Fujiwara Palace Ruin, Ofusa Kannon Temple, etc.,
Sakurai City: Omiwa Shrine, Hase Temple, Tanzan Shrine, Miwa somen noodles, Staying at a temple.

-This time, we are asking ALL travelers to bring their own small camera. It doesn’t have to ‘work’.
We will be visiting many traditional places, we will also find cute and modern attractions and capture them in our cameras!

– The stuffed animal will stay at Unagi Travel’s office for several weeks
– Will post photos and videos live on Facebook and Twitter during the stuffed animal’s stay
– The stuffed animal will have to be 300g or lighter
– We kindly ask the customer to pay for the shipping cost from your home to Tokyo
– The shipping cost from Tokyo to your home is included
– We will email you our address, etc. once you place an order
– We will take good care of the stuffed animal, but we will pay up to US$100 if we lose the stuffed animal during the tour in Japan

Please choose the region you are shipping your stuffed animal from

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