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Japan Post will resume EMS shipping to the US, Australia, etc. on June 1 st. Just in case, please check with your local post office in advance. Please visit our Facebook or Twitter page for the upcoming tour details. Thank you. 



Tokyo Tour:

– Visiting the popular sightseeing sites in Tokyo
– Leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening
– The stuffed animals will take local transportations to travel, i.e. Tokyo Metro
– We will go on a day tour on a sunny day
– The stuffed animal will stay at Unagi Travel’s office for several weeks
– Will post photos and videos live on Facebook and Twitter during the stuffed animal’s stay
– The stuffed animal will have to be 300g or lighter
– We kindly ask the customer to pay for the shipping cost from your home to Tokyo
– The shipping cost from Tokyo to your home is included
– We will email you our address, etc. once you place an order
– We will take good care of the stuffed animal, but we will pay up to US$100 if we lose the stuffed animal during the tour in Japan

Please choose the region you are shipping your stuffed animal from.