Welcome to Unagi Travel!

We are launching Unagi Pictures, a service where you can receive “postcards” addressed to your stuffed animals from Japan in Japanese.

Order Your Postcard from Here

Eel guides from Unagi Travel will travel around Japan, take pictures, and send you a postcard with a postage stamp attached.
It is a new form of entertainment where you can create new connections, memories with Japan together with the eels. It is also an “artwork” that allows you to enjoy the “journey” until the postcard arrives in your hand.

Eels will travel around Tokyo, Kanto region, and other regions carrying blank postcards on their backs, take photos and write on their journeys, and complete and send out the postcards. We will ask for the profiles of all the stuffed animals who apply in advance, and the eels will travel while thinking of you. We will post the process of the journey on social media.
The back of the postcard will be a photo with the eels taken on the trip. On the front half of the postcard, we will write a story in Japanese (about 300 characters or 150 words in English) about our impressions of each destination. You may choose in advance from either an advanced Japanese text with kanji or a beginner’s Japanese text written only in hiragana and katakana. An English translation will be prepared separately and shared with all customers.
Tokyo 1,300 yen, Kanto 1,500 yen, regional 2,500 yen per postcard
(scheduled 3 times per month)