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SOLD OUT Meow! A special Halloween tour to Neko Neko Inn (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)! 🐈‍⬛🎃 THANK YOU

  • Unagi Travel is welcoming cat stuffed animals (and stuffed animals in cat costumes) to join us for a special Halloween tour to Neko Neko Inn (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).
  • We will stay a night at Neko Neko Inn, and enjoy an exclusive cat Halloween party. We are looking for “cat” themed activities, there is a nice kitchen at Neko Neko Inn, so we may make some “cat” themed sweets or food for dinner & breakfast.
  • What to bring: If you are not a stuffed cat, please bring a cat costume (cat ears, tail, etc). If you have any other baggage, we would appreciate it if you could pack it in one small bag.
  • The tour price is 4300 yen + EMS(with tracking code) shipping cost from Japan to your home.
  • The shipping cost: China, South Korea, Taiwan: 1,450 yen Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan)1900 yen, Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe: 3,150 yen U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) 3,900 yen Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa 3,600 yen. Please check Japan Post’s website for details.
  • Please send your stuffed animal to Tokyo by October 19, Wednesday 2022.
  • This tour will be a 2-day tour scheduled in later October 2022.
  • The stuffed animals will take local transportations to travel, i.e. Tokyo Metro.
  • The stuffed animal will stay at Unagi Travel’s office in Tokyo for several weeks/up to a month before heading back home.
  • We will post photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter during the stuffed animal’s stay in Tokyo.
  • We recommend that you are 20 cm tall, 15 cm wide, and weigh about 200 g (able to fit into a box with a total of no more than 60 cm in three external dimensions), but please inquire with us if you are a chubby stuffed animal.
  • We kindly ask the customer to pay for the shipping cost from your home to Tokyo.
  • We will email you our address, etc. once we confirm your order.
  • We will take good care of the stuffed animal, but we will pay up to US$100 if we lose the stuffed animal during the tour in Japan.