Tour to Pyeongchang & Seoul

3 nights  4 Day Tour to Pyeongchang & Seoul


– Visiting Pyeongchang, the winter olympics and watching several olympic games
– This is a special 4-Day tour. We’ll be flying out from Narita airport before noon and arriving in Seoul in the afternoon. Spending 2 days in Peyongchang and a day in Seoul. Leaving early evening, landing in Narita in the evening of the 4th day.
– Your stuffed animal will bring back about US$5 worth of gift from Pyeongchang
– Please send your stuffed animal to Tokyo by Feb. 13th, 2018
– The stuffed animal will stay at Unagi Travel’s office for several weeks in total
– Will post photos and videos live on Facebook and Twitter during the stuffed animal’s stay
– The stuffed animal will have to be 300g or lighter, no taller than 10 inches
– We kindly ask the customer to pay for the shipping cost from your home to Tokyo
– The shipping cost from Tokyo to your home is included
– We will email you our address, etc. once we confirm the order
– We will take good care of the stuffed animal, but we will pay up to US$100 if we lose the stuffed animal during the tour in Japan

Please choose the region you are shipping your stuffed animal from

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